ChefMeWe make it simple
to book a chef for
private dinings.

  • Phone28 68 46 64
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  • Our addressGammeltorv 6, 3. th.,
    1457 København K

Our story

The team

  • Thomas MamburayAdm. direktør og medstifter

  • Alexander BechTeknisk direktør og medstifter

  • Anna Katrine Andersen

  • Sebastian Semlali

  • Morten PaaskeChef, advisor

  • Mads Schouw PetersenChef, advisor


  • InnoBooster has invested in ChefMe. InnoBooster invests in promising danish startups with knowledge and ideas, that creates growth and jobs in Denmark.

  • Innovationsfonden invited ChefMe 12 days to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, to network, share knowledge and meet a lot of exiting investors and business angels.

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In the media

  • MetroXpress:“Young danish entrepreneurs today launch the equivalent of Uber for booking Chefs online. Your private chef is only a few clicks away.”

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